WAVE Theme Want-List

by my Net-Friends World-Wide

Here are the themes that I and others are looking for. Some of these (with the '*') I have located a source and am working on getting them into the archive

What we look for:
1. Top priority is TV Themes (Begin and End)
2. My other brown sock

This is a "FAMILY FRENDLY" site
1. The song MUST be clean (Zero Vulgar content) - I don't care if the show is Rated "R" - the music must be able to be played for the whole family. And I do edit content if possible.
2. We don't do entire soundtracks.
3. We don't do non-theme 'top 40' stuff
4. We don't care if it's not in English... there are other people in the world
5. All themes are now being released in 11kHz, mono .mp3 format only.

So you want to let me know something:
1. Look up on the browser line and you will see my doman name.
2. So get an 8 year-old to address your email to 'themes' at that domain address.
3. If it is not a nasty email, it will be read and maybe replied to.
4. Don't forget to use the Subject line to say what the message is about.

Cartoon themes
Television themes
Sport Programs themes

Last updated 08/07/2016

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