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ABC Suspense Movie (1973)
Almost Anything Goes (ABC 7-1975 to 04-1976) (if they ever had a theme I don't remember it)
Amazing Grace (NBC 04 to 11-1995)
America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (Fox 02-1988 to 2013)
* Animals Animals Animals (Au 70s)
* Armchair Thriller (UK 70's?)
Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Univerise (Discovery Channel)
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends (49-59 "Seems Like Old Times")
The Awaking Land (mini-series NBC 02-1978)
Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free (TV Movie 1976)
Bare Essence (NBC 02 to 06-1983)
Barrymore (UK Variety Show)
Behind the Music (VH-1)
Big Blue Marble ('space' version)
* (some) Boy Meets World ending (93-95 & 96-98)
* Boys Will Be Boys (Fox 01 to 07-1988)
* Breaking Away (ABC 11-1980 to 01-1981)
Brian Benben Show (CBS 09 to 10-1998)
The Brothers (CBS 10-1956 to 09-1957)
Buddies (ABC 03 to 04-1996)
Bumper Stumpers (game show)(USA 06-1987 to 12-1990)
Bush Patrol (Kids show) (AU7 09-1996 to 06-1997)
The Californians (NBC 09-1957 to 05-1959)
Call Red (ITV 01 to 02-1996)
Carol and Paula The Magic Garden (Kid show) (WPIX 03-1972 to 09-1984)
CBS Reports
CBS Storybreak
CBS This Morning (begin/end)
Challenger (ABC 90 TV movie)
Charles Kuralt news show
Christopher Lowell Show (Discovery Channel)
Civil Wars (ABC 11/91-3/93)
CNN Early Edition
CNN Saturday Morning
Connections (British)
Corrigan Blake (BBC1 1962)
New Bill Cosby Show (CBS 09-1972 to 05-1973)
Countdown (UK Quiz Show)
Creature Features (WGN Chicago)(Henry Mancini's 'Experiment in Terror')
Dance Fever
Dangerous Women (1991)
* Dark Angel (ending)(Fox 2000-01)
David Letterman (NBC Basic version)
Day the Universe Changed (Learning Channel)
Deadly Games (with monolog) (Synd 09-1995 to 01-1996)
Debt opening (gameshow)
Decision 76 (Henry Mancini) CD Version
Destination Stardom (Travel Channel 2003)
Destiny Ridge (Global TV)
Dick Cavett Show (77-82 PBS?)
A Different World (1993 ver)
Disk Doctors (cable channel show - 10/97)
Dolly (Syndicated 02-1976 to 1977)
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (ABC 73-81)
Don't Just Sit There (Nick) (No opening was without voice-overs)
Double Dare (Nick's '76 gameshow)
Dreams (CBS 10-1984)
Due South (3rd season ending)
Earthquake in NY (TV Movie)
East of Eden (Mini series)
Edge (Fox 09-1992 to 07-1993)
Evening Shade (Ossie Davis sings)
Everybody's Baby; the Rescue of Jessica McClure (TV Movie)
Eye To Eye With Connie Chung (CBS News show)
Family Double Dare (Fox ver)
Family Holvak, The (NBC 9-12/75)
Family Values (UPN 97?)
Fight Back (NBC mid 80's)
Final Cut (British mini series 1995)
Finders Keepers (Nick late 80's)
Footballers Wives (UK 2000s)
Fridays (ABC 04-1980 to 10-1982)
Frontline (PBS)
Frontier Circus (61-62)
Fully Booked (Kids show)(UK 94-98)
Gamesmaster (British 91-97 gameshow 7 versions)
George Wendt Show (CBS 03 to 04-1995)
Geraldo Rivera
Going to Extreams (ABC 09-1992 to 01-1993)
Golden Palace (CBS ending) (everthing found so far has station voice-overs
Grace Under Fire (98)
Great Chefs (TLC)
Green Forest, The (CBC)
Griff (ABC 09-1973 to 01-1974)
Groundling Marsh (Kid show Disney/PBS)
Growing Pains (Hawaii episode ending)
Gunsmoke ending (1950's version)
Hang Time (Pre-Fall 1996)
Happy Wanderers (SCTV segment)
Hardball (Fox 09-1994)
Harem (TV Miniseries 1986)
Heat of the Sun (mini-series)(ITV 01 to 02-1998)
Hickory Hideout (80's)
High Fever (80s)
Highwayman opening monolog
Hollywood Squares (68 version ending)
Hollywood Squares (John Davidson version)
The Home Court (1995-1996)
Hootenanny (ABC) (all found so far are nothing but voice-overs and clapping)
Hot Hero Sandwich (kid show-ending)
House of Cards (British TV-movie 1990)
Hulk (Death of the Incredible Hulk ending)
Hulk (Voice-over ending)
Hull High (NBC 8 to 12-1990)
I Love a Mystery
I'm Telling (NBC 87-88 kids gameshow)
In Search of the Trojan War
Inside the Actor's Studio (Bravo)
Inspector Morse ending
It's a Man's World (BBC) (Can't find anything about this)
It's a Square World (BBC 60-64)
JFK Jr The Nation Waits (NBC News 99)
Jeopardy (1997)
Jerry Springer Show
Jigsaw John (NBC 2-9/76)
Jim Henson Hour (The Storyteller) ending (NBC 4-7/89)
Joe and Valerie (NBC 1978-79)
John Larroquette Show (David Crosby Version)
Johnny Jarvis(UK)
Judge Joe Brown (98)
Kate McShane (CBS 09 to 11-1975)
Kids Are People Too (60's gameshow)
Kids From 47a (70's UK kids)
Kids Street (80s Canada gameshow)
Kirk (WB 8/95-11/96)
Kodiak (ABC 9-10/74)
LA Heat ending (96)
Late Night with David Letterman (1st year ver)
Late Night with David Letterman ending (98-2000 long ver)
Laurie Hill (ABC 09 to 10-1992)
Legends of the Hidden Temple (Nick)
Let the Blood Run Free (Australian spoof)
Letter People (kids show)
Ling Chung (Chinese)
Liquid Televison (MTV)
Live Shot (UPN 8-11/95)
Living Single (Long version)
Lone Wolf (aka Streets of Danger, Synd 55)
Loveline (MTV 98 ver)
Lucan (ABC 12/77-12/78)
Mad TV (Long Version)
The Magic Garden (PBS Begin-End)
Make Me Laugh (79)
Man With a Camera (ABC 10/58-2/60)
Manisons of America (1981)
MASH final episode with lyrics (CBS 9/83)
Master of the Game (CBS 6/87)
Masters of the Maze (Family Channel 94-95)
Match Game 74
McLaughlin Group (PBS)
Me and My Girl (British 84-88)
Measure Up (PBS)
Men into Space (CBS 09-1959 to 09-1960)
Men of Annapolis (Synd 57)
Men of West Point (??)
Mickey Mouse Club serials (Hardy Boys, Applegates Treasure)
Misery Loves Company (Fox 10/95)
Mister Mayor (kid show)(CBS 64-66)
Mrs Bradley Mysteries
MSG Network Sportsdesk
The Monroes (soap ABC 09 to 10-1995)
Mosley (BBC mini-series)
Movie Macabre (open/end with Elvira)
MSNBC The News With Brian Williams
MTV News Theme
Muscle (WB 1-5/95)
Name Your Adventure (NBC 92-94)
Nature (PBS)
NBC News (60's Beethoven's 9th)
NBC Nightly News (w/Tom Brokaw) ending
Neighbours (Australian soap 85 ver)
New People (ABC 69-70)
New Yankee Workshop (PBS)
* Newton's Apple (PBS)
Night and Day (UK Soap 11-2001)
Night Flight (Music video show)
Nightline (ABC)
Nightly Business Report (PBS 79-pres)
No Boundaries (Canada 01-02)
North and South II (mini Series)(begin/end)
North and South III (mini Series)(begin/end)
Nova (80s ver)
$100,000 Name That Tune (USA 80s)
Oh Brother (British 68-70)
On The Rocks (ABC 09-1975 to 05-1976)
The One Game (UK 1988)
Operation Vietnam
Oprah Winfrey (98 ending)
The Orlando Wilson Fishung Show (TNN 2000)
The OSS (British 50s)
Overloaded Ark (British 1953)
* The Owl (1991)
* Papa Beaver's Story Time (Nickelodeon)
Paramedics (TLC 99-00)
Patchwork Family (70's)
Paul Hogan Show, The (1981)
Pennies from Heaven (British mini-series 1978)
Peoples Court (80s end)
A Perfect Life (UPN)
Perry Como Show 'Dream Along With Me' (NBC/CBS 12/48-6/63)
Phantom Agents (60's)
Play for Today (UK 60s-70s)
Politicaly Incorrect (Comedy Channel version)
Pride and Joy (NBC 03 to 05-1995) (No proof there was a theme)
Pride and Prejudice (A&E TV Movie)
Prime Suspect (BBC Mini-Series 91)
Primetime Live
Promise Land (CBS 98 ver)
Public Eye (UK 85-95)
Pugwall (Australian)
Puttin on the Hits
Queen for the Day
Read All About It (PBS)
Real People
Real West (A&E)
Real World - Seattle (M-TV 98)
Remote Control (M-TV 87-90)
Riddlers (UK Kids 90s)
Righteous Apples (PBS 1981)
Road Rules (first year)
Road Rules - Australia (M-TV)
Road to Avonlea (96 ver)
Road to Avonlea TV movie (Happy Christmas, Miss King)(CBC 12/98)
Rosanne (Final Show Ending) (the episode after this was my favorite)
Runaway With the Rich and Famous (1987)
Rush Limbaugh (1st TV version)
Ryan Caulfied: Year 1 (FOX 1999)
Saga of Andy Burnett (ABC 57-58 Wonderful World of Disney)
Salty (74)
Sandokan (Animated Holland in 80's)
Sarah & Hoppity (British Kid show)
Saturday Night Live (Late 98 version)
Science International (Canada 70s) (aka What Will They Think of Next)
Scrabble (NBC 93 ver begin/end)
Secret Service Guy (1996)
Sentinel (ending 97)
Sha Na Na (begin/end)(77-81)
Shari Lewis Show (1960)
Shenanigans (kids game show hosted by Stubby Kaye)
Shining (ABC mini-series 97)
Showtime at the Apollo (HBO)
Simon (WB 09-1995 to 03-1996)
Simon & Simon (CBS 81 ending)
Sins of the City (USA 07 to 09-1998)
Six Million Dollar Man (TV Movie - Dusty Springfield)
Smoky and the Bandit TV movies (Action Pack?)
Solo One (UK 80's)
Space Patrol (British 63-64 puppets)
Sports Night ending (instrumental)
Star Search ending (86 gameshow)
Street Justice (2nd season 92)
Sunday (Australian)
Super Bloopers and New Pratical Jokes
Swans Crossing (USA 92)
$weepstake$ (NBC 1-3/79)
Taking the Falls (1995)
Tales of Wells Fargo (NBC 1962 ver)
Talk Soup
Tenafly (Made for TV Movies 1973-1974)
That's Incredible! (ABC 3/80-9/89)
* They Came from Outer Space (Synd 10-1990 to 03-1991)
Think Fast (Nick gameshow)
* Third Eye (Nick)
This is Your Life intro (NBC 10-1952 to 09-1961)
This Life (AU)
This Old House opening (80s)
Tic Tac Dough (NBC 1956 Phil Taubman's ver)
Time for Timer (80s short)
Time Slip (BBC)
Titanic: Death of a Dream (Documentary)
To Serve and Protect (aka "The Mounties")
Today Show (76-77 version)
Today Show with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric (naming the days of the week)
Tonight Show ending (current long ver)
Top Cops
Tracey Takes On (HBO) (Begin/end)
Tropical Punch (Fox 7-8/93)
* Tugboat Annie (Synd 3/58-59)
Tugs (Kids show)
Twenty-one (NBC/Pax Gameshow 2000)
Twitch City (CBC)
Two Plus You (PBS)
Unhappily Ever After (Bobcat Goldwaith Ver 1/95)
Untouchables opening monolog (59-63)
USA Today (John Barry ver)
Vacant Lot (Comedy Central)
Victorian Kitchen Garden (BBC)
The Video Game (Synd 09-1984 to 09-1985)
Video Power (game show)
Villa Alegre (70s kid show)
Voyage of the Mimi (PBS?)
War of the Worlds last season (1990)
Water Margin (Japan Mini-series 1977)
* Watt on Earth (UK 90s)
Weird Science Ending (With Martin/Cox)
WGN Late Night Theme (Old one)
Wham! (Gameshow)
Whoppi (Talk Show 92?)
Who's Line is it Anyway (BBC Ver ending)
* Widows (BBC mini-series 83)
Wild America (PBS)
Will & Grace (Long CD version)
Win Loose or Draw (Gameshow opening)
Wing and a Prayer (BBC mini-series)
Wings (Discovery Channel)
* The Wire (HBO begin/end)
Wonderama (57-72)
* Woobinda (Animal Doctor) (70's Australian) Kid show
World Away (travel show w/Nancy Glass)
Worlds Most Amazing Videos (NBC)
WYSIWYG (British 92)
You Don't Say (game show hosted by Tom Kennedy
Your Show of Shows (NBC 1950-54)

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