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ABC Suspense Movie (1973)
Against the Wind (AU 78)
All Saints (Australia 1998)
Almost Anything Goes (ABC 7/75-4/76)
Amazing Grace (NBC 1995)
America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back
Angel Street (CBS 1992)
* Animals Animals Animals (Au 70s)
* Armchair Thriller (UK 70's?)
Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Univerise (Discovery Channel)
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends (49-59 "Seems Like Old Times")
Awaking Land (80s mini-series)
Backstairs at the White House (1979)
Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free (1976)
Bare Essence (83 mini-series)
Barrymore (UK Variety Show)
Behind the Music (VH-1)
Big Blue Marble ('space' version)
* Blossom (NBC ending)
Bonanza Pilot (A Rose for Lotta) ending (song by Lorne Greene)
Boy Meets World ending (93-95 & 96-98)
* Boys Will Be Boys (Fox 1-7/88)
Breaking Away (ABC 11/80-7/81)
Brian Benben Show
Brothers, The (CBS 1956)
Buddies (ABC 3/96)
Bumper Stumpers (USA 87-90)
Bush Patrol
The Californians (50s)
Call Red (BBC)
Carol and Company (NBC 3/90-7/91)
Carol and Paula (Kid show)
CBS Reports
CBS Storybreak
CBS This Morning (begin/end)
Challenger (ABC 90 TV movie)
Charles Kuralt news show
Chico and the Man ending
Christopher Lowell Show (Discovery Channel)
Civil Wars (ABC 11/91-3/93)
CNN Early Edition
CNN Saturday Morning
Connections (British)
Corrigan Blake (BBC 63)
New Bill Cosby Show (CBS 9/72-5/73)
Countdown (UK Quiz Show)
Creature Features (WGN Chicago)(Henry Mancini's 'Experiment in Terror')
Dance Fever
Dangerous Women (1991)
* Dark Angel (ending)(Fox 2000-01)
David Letterman (NBC Basic version)
Day the Universe Changed (Learning Channel)
Deadly Games (with monolog) (Synd 9/95-1/96)
Debt opening (gameshow)
Decision 76 (Henry Mancini) CD Version
Destination Stardom (Travel Channel 2003)
Destiny Ridge (Global TV)
Dick Cavett Show (77-82 PBS?)
A Different World (1993 ver)
Disk Doctors (cable channel show - 10/97)
Dolly (Syndicated 2/76-77)
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (ABC 73-81)
Don't Just Sit There (Nick)
Down and Out in Beverly Hills (Fox 1987)
Double Dare (Nick's '76 gameshow)
Dreams (CBS 10/84)
Due South (3rd season ending)
Earthquake in NY (TV Movie)
East of Eden (Mini series)
Edge (Fox 9/92-7/93)
Evening Shade (Ossie Davis sings)
Everybody's Baby; the Rescue of Jessica McClure (TV Movie)
Eye To Eye With Connie Chung (CBS News show)
Family Double Dare (Fox ver)
Family Holvak, The (NBC 9-12/75)
Family Values (UPN 97?)
Fight Back (NBC mid 80's)
Final Cut (British mini series 1995)
Finders Keepers (Nick late 80's)
* Fitzpatricks (CBS 9/77-1/78)
Footballers Wives (UK 2000s)
Fridays (ABC 4/80-10/82)
Frontline (PBS)
Frontier Circus (61-62)
Full House Long CD ver (Everywhere You Look - Jesse Fredericks)
Fully Booked (Kids show)(UK 94-98)
Gamesmaster (British 91-97 gameshow 7 versions)
George Wendt Show (CBS 3-4/95)
Geraldo Rivera
Going to Extreams (ABC 9/92-1/93)
Golden Palace (CBS ending)
Grace Under Fire (98)
Great Chefs (TLC)
Green Forest, The (CBC)
Griff (ABC 9/73-1/74)
Ground Force (British ending)
Groundling Marsh (Kid show Disney/PBS)
Growing Pains (Hawaii episode ending)
Gunsmoke ending (1950's version)
Hang Time (Pre-Fall 1996)
H.A.P.P.Y. (British sitcom 70's?)
Happy Wanderer
Hardball (Fox 9/94)
Harem (TV Miniseries 1986)
Heat of the Sun
Hickory Hideout (80's)
High Fever (80s)
Highwayman opening monolog
Hollywood Squares (68 version ending)
Hollywood Squares (John Davidson version)
Home Court, The (95)
Hootenanny (ABC)
Hot Hero Sandwich (kid show-ending)
Hot Metal (British 85-86)
House of Cards (British TV-movie 1990)
Hulk (Death of the Incredible Hulk ending)
Hulk (Voice-over ending)
Hull High (NBC 8-12/90)
I Love a Mystery
I'm Telling (NBC 87-88 kids gameshow)
In Search of the Trojan War
Inside the Actor's Studio (Bravo)
Inspector Morse ending
It's a Man's World (BBC)
It's a Man's World (NBC 62-63)
It's a Square World (BBC 60-64)
It's Not Easy (ABC 9-10/83)
JFK Jr The Nation Waits (NBC News 99)
Jackie Thomas Show (ABC 12/92-3/93)
Jeopardy (1997)
Jerry Springer Show
Jigsaw John (NBC 2-9/76)
Jim Henson Hour (The Storyteller) ending (NBC 4-7/89)
Joe and Valerie (NBC 1978-79)
John Larroquette Show (David Crosby Version)
Johnny Jarvis(UK)
Judge Joe Brown (98)
Kate McShane (CBS 9-11/75)
Kids Are People Too (60's gameshow)
Kids From 47a (70's UK kids)
Kids Street (80s Canada gameshow)
Kirk (WB 8/95-11/96)
Kodiak (ABC 9-10/74)
LA Heat ending (96)
* The Last Train (UK 1999)
Late Night with David Letterman (1st year ver)
Late Night with David Letterman ending (98-2000 long ver)
Laurie Hill (ABC 9-10/92)
Legends of the Hidden Temple (Nick)
Let the Blood Run Free (Australian spoof)
Letter People (kids show)
Ling Chung (Chinese)
Liquid Televison (MTV)
Live Shot (UPN 8-11/95)
Living Single (Long version)
Lone Wolf (aka Streets of Danger, Synd 55)
Loveline (MTV 98 ver)
Lucan (ABC 12/77-12/78)
Mad TV (Long Version)
Madigan (NBC 9/72-8/73)
Magic Garden, The (Begin/End PBS)
Make Me Laugh (79)
Man With a Camera (ABC 10/58-2/60)
Manisons of America (1981)
MASH final episode with lyrics (CBS 9/83)
Master of the Game (CBS 6/87)
Masters of the Maze (Family Channel 94-95)
Match Game 74
McLaughlin Group (PBS)
Me and My Girl (British 84-88)
Measure Up (PBS)
Men into Space (CBS 9/59-9/60)
Men of Annapolis (Synd 57)
Men of West Point (??)
Mickey Mouse Club serials (Hardy Boys, Applegates Treasure)
Misery Loves Company (Fox 10/95)
Mister Mayor (kid show)(CBS 64-66)
Mrs Bradley Mysteries
MSG Network Sportsdesk
Monroes (soap ABC 9-10/95)
Mosley (BBC mini-series)
Movie Macabre (open/end with Elvira)
MSNBC The News With Brian Williams
MTV News Theme
Muscle (WB 1-5/95)
Name Your Adventure (NBC 92-94)
Nature (PBS)
NBC News (60's Beethoven's 9th)
NBC Nightly News (w/Tom Brokaw) ending
Neighbours (Australian soap 85 ver)
New People (ABC 69-70)
New Yankee Workshop (PBS)
* Newton's Apple (PBS)
Night and Day (UK Soap 11/2001)
Night Flight (Music video show)
Nightline (ABC)
Nightly Business Report (PBS 79-pres)
No Boundaries (Canada 01-02)
North and South II (mini Series)(begin/end)
North and South III (mini Series)(begin/end)
Nova (80s ver)
$100,000 Name That Tune (USA 80s)
Oh Brother (British 68-70)
On The Rocks (ABC 9/75-5/76)
The One Game (UK 1988)
Operation Vietnam
Oprah Winfrey (98 ending)
The Orlando Wilson Fishung Show (TNN 2000)
The OSS (British 50s)
Outsider (NBC 9/68-9/69)
Overloaded Ark (British 1953)
* The Owl (1991)
* Papa Beaver's Story Time (Nickelodeon)
Paramedics (TLC 99-00)
Patchwork Family (70's)
Paul Hogan Show, The (1981)
Pennies from Heaven (British mini-series 1978)
Peoples Court (80s end)
A Perfect Life (UPN)
Perry Como Show 'Dream Along With Me' (NBC/CBS 12/48-6/63)
Phantom Agents (60's)
Play for Today (UK 60s-70s)
Politicaly Incorrect (Comedy Channel version)
Pride and Joy (NBC 3-5/95)
Pride and Prejudice (A&E TV Movie)
Prime Suspect (BBC Mini-Series 91)
Primetime Live
Promise Land (CBS 98 ver)
Public Eye (UK 85-95)
Pugwall (Australian)
Puttin on the Hits
Queen for the Day
Read All About It (PBS)
Real People
Real West (A&E)
Real World - Seattle (M-TV 98)
Remote Control (M-TV 87-90)
Riddlers (UK Kids 90s)
Righteous Apples (PBS 1981)
Road Rules (first year)
Road Rules - Australia (M-TV)
Road to Avonlea (96 ver)
Road to Avonlea TV movie (Happy Christmas, Miss King)(CBC 12/98)
Rosanne (Final Show Ending)
Runaway With the Rich and Famous (1987)
Rush Limbaugh (1st TV version)
Ryan Caulfied: Year 1 (FOX 1999)
Saga of Andy Burnett (ABC 57-58 Wonderful World of Disney)
Salty (74)
Sandokan (Animated Holland in 80's)
Sarah & Hoppity (British Kid show)
Saturday Night Live (Late 98 version)
Science International (Canada 70s) (aka What Will They Think of Next)
Scrabble (NBC 93 ver begin/end)
Secret Service Guy (97)
Sentinel (ending 97)
Sha Na Na (begin/end)(77-81)
Shari Lewis Show (1960)
Shenanigans (kids game show hosted by Stubby Kaye)
Shining (ABC mini-series 97)
Showtime at the Apollo (HBO)
Simon (WB 9/95-3/96)
Simon & Simon (CBS 81 ending)
Sins of the City (USA 7-9/98)
Six Million Dollar Man (TV Movie - Dusty Springfield)
Smoky and the Bandit TV movies (Action Pack?)
Solo One (UK 80's)
Space Patrol (British 63-64 puppets)
Sports Night ending (instrumental)
Strange Tales of Science Fiction (KHJ-9 LA 1960's)
"Out of This World" by the Creed Taylor Orchestra (w/Kenyon Hopkins)
on the "Panic! Son of Shock" ABC-Paramount ABCS-314 lp.
Star Search ending (86 gameshow)
Street Justice (2nd season 92)
Sunday (Australian)
Super Bloopers and New Pratical Jokes
Swans Crossing (USA 92)
$weepstake$ (NBC 1-3/79)
Sweet Justice (NBC 9/94-4/95)
Taking the Falls (95)
Tales of Wells Fargo (NBC 62 ver)
Talk Soup
Tenafly (Made for TV Movies 1973-1974)
That's Incredible! (ABC 3/80-9/89)
They Came from Outer Space (Synd 10/90-3/91)
Think Fast (Nick gameshow)
Third Eye (Nick)
This is Your Life intro (NBC 10/52-9/61)
This Life (AU)
This Old House opening (80s)
Tic Tac Dough (NBC 1956 Phil Taubman's ver)
Time for Timer (80s short)
Time Slip (BBC)
Titanic: Death of a Dream (Documentary)
To Serve and Protect (aka "The Mounties")
Today Show (76-77 version)
Today Show with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric (naming the days of the week)
Tonight Show ending (current long ver)
Top Cops
Tracey Takes On (HBO) (Begin/end)
Tropical Punch (Fox 7-8/93)
Tugboat Annie (Synd 3/58-59)
Tugs (Kids show)
Twenty-one (NBC/Pax Gameshow 2000)
Twitch City (CBC)
Two Plus You (PBS)
Unhappily Ever After (Bobcat Goldwaith Ver 1/95)
Untouchables opening monolog (59-63)
USA Today (John Barry ver)
Vacant Lot (Comedy Central)
Very Peciliar Practice (5/86-4/88)
Victorian Kitchen Garden (BBC)
Video Game, The (Synd 9/84-9/85)
Video Power (game show)
Villa Alegre (70s kid show)
Voyage of the Mimi (PBS?)
War of the Worlds last season (1990)
Water Margin (Japan Mini-series 1977)
* Watt on Earth (UK 90s)
Weird Science Ending (With Martin/Cox)
WGN Late Night Theme (Old one)
Wham! (Gameshow)
* Whitney and the Robot
Whoppi (Talk Show 92?)
Who's Line is it Anyway (BBC Ver ending)
Widows (BBC mini-series 83)
Wild America (PBS)
Will & Grace (Long CD version)
Win Loose or Draw (Gameshow opening)
Wing and a Prayer (BBC mini-series)
Wings (Discovery Channel)
The Wire (HBO begin/end)
Wonderama (57-72)
Woobinda (70's Australian)
Woops! (Fox 9-12/92)
World Away (travel show w/Nancy Glass)
Worlds Most Amazing Videos (NBC)
WYSIWYG (British 92)
You Don't Say (game show hosted by Tom Kennedy
Your Show of Shows (NBC 1950-54)

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