TV Sports Wave Theme Want-List

ABC College Football
ABC Monday Night Baseball (80's)
ABC Monday Night Football (Full 1970 ver)
ABC Monday Night Football Commercial Transitions
ABC Pro-Bowlers Tour
American Sportsman (ABC 60s-70s)
BBC Grand Prix (Fleetwood Mac ver)
BBC World Cup Theme (1998)(Faure - Pavane)
Big Break (UK Snooker gameshow)
Blue Jays Baseball (CBC full ver)
CBS Major League Baseball
CBS NBA Theme (70's??)
CBS NFL Football (60-70's)
CBS NFL Football (98 ver)
CBS Sports Racing theme
CBS College Football (2000-2002 ver)
CBS World Series (Flashback Highlight music)(91-93??)
Chicago Bulls Intro
Cleveland Indians "Indians Feaver" from Radio 1100 WWWE(WTAM)
CFL Live on TSN (Canada)
CFL on CBC (Canada 97)
ESPN Speedworld (98)
ESPN Speedworld NASCAR Theme (92)
ESPN Sunday Night Baseball (90s)
Extreme Championship Wrestling (TNN-ECW)
Formula One Motor Racing (British)
Fox Baseball Commercial Transitions
Fox NFL Sunday
FOX Sports Major League Baseball(98)
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
Golf Tournament themes (Masters, US Open)
HBO's Saturday Night Boxing
HBO's Boxing (1989-95)(Begin/end)
Hockey Night in Canada (60's - 70's)
Hockey Night in Canada (current)
Major League Baseball (TBN)
Major League Baseball (CBS 1991-93)
Major League Baseball (NBC)
Match of the Day (British 80's & 90's Versions)
Molson's Hockey Night
Monday Night Football (1982)
NBA Action
NBA on CBS (1980)
NBA on CBS (1987)
NBA on NBC (with words)
NBC Baseball Game of the Week (1981)
NBC PGA Golf (1990's)
NBC Sports (1979ish)
NBC Sports NFL
NBC Sportsworld (1983)
NBC Wimbelton
NCAA Basketball Championship
NCAA Basketball on CBS (1980's)
New York Rangers (NY 80's)
New York Yankees (NY's Channel 11 in 70s)
New York Yankees (NY 90's)end/begin
NFL Film intro
NFL Live on NBC (Bob Costas)
NFL on NBC (1998-9)
NFL on NBC (1986)
NFL on NBC (70's - 80's)
NFL on NBC by Randy Edelman (Sundays)
NFL theme from CBS Radio
NFL Today with Brent Musburger
Ride Guide (Outdoor Life Network)
TSN (The Sports Network) Baseball (Canadian)
Ski Sunday (British)
Super Bowl Intro music (any)
TNN Motorsports Theme (90, 95, 96)
TNN's American Sports Cavalcade (83-95)
TSN's Racing (pre 98)
TSN's Racing (2000-2003ver)
TSN's SportsDesk
UK gladiators
WCW - NWO wolfpack
WCW - Thunder (WTBS 98)
WCW Monday Nitro Commercial Intro
Wide World of Sports (Australia's version)
Wimbleton Tennis Championship (NBC ver)
World Cup Theme Song (France 98 "La cour des grands")
World Series (TBN)
World Series Sports Intro on CBS (1992)
World Soccer Cup in West Germany (1974)

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