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20 minutes into the future:
The object of what is being done here is to be one of the Largest collection of Television Theme songs on the internet. You will find them On-Line Now - check our Archive Listing Page.

Please do keep in mind that this is not my job, but a hobby.
I'm now just a retired geek with a bum heart who would rather play with the grandkids than type on a keyboard.
It took just under 3 years to get my domain back from scumbag hackers and there's still some scum out in the world that's using my pen-name and posting porn and viruses. I'm almost ready to give up totally!

The 'What's New' page will house the totally completed ones. The 'work in progress' and some of them in video format can be found on the WaveThemes Bulletin Board so feel free to stop by.

Important Copyright and Fair Use Information

alt.binaries.sounds.tv-themes Newsgroup spoken here

Even WaveThemes is starting to Blog

and a phpBB-powered WaveThemes Bulletin Board (Find some Theme Videos here)

Want to see an Episode guide of your favorite series? One of the better done sites is Epguides.com
There you will find more than 1,500 shows defined.

Life is a Movie
Here is a company that has a fast growing selection of "Movie Memoribilia, Films, Posters and more" where some of that "more" just happens to be one of the best collections of hard-to find Classic Television tapes I've ran across on the internet yet! Take a moment to visit Life is a Movie and see for yourself!

Last updated 04/25/2017
More than 136,803,500 Theme Songs sent via email to 91 countries between 1995-2005!
More than 1 Billion Theme Songs downloaded since August 11, 2005!

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